Electronics and communication Engineering

Electronics engineering, or electronic engineering, is an engineering discipline where non-linear and active electrical components such as electron tubes, and semiconductor devices, especially transistors, diodes and integrated circuits, are utilized to design electronic circuits, devices and systems, typically also including passive electrical components and based on printed circuit boards. The term denotes a broad engineering field that covers important subfields such as analog electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics. Electronics engineering deals with implementation of applications, principles and algorithms developed within many related fields, for example solid-state physics, radio engineering, telecommunications, control systems, signal processing, systems engineering, computer engineering, instrumentation engineering, electric power control, robotics, and many others


The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in the year of 1996.

Vission and mission

The Vision of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department is to be a model of excellence in technical education by producing world-class diploma engineers, prepared for life-long engagement in the rapidly changing fields of electrical and related fields.

The mission of the ECE Department is to impart quality education to our students and provide a comprehensive understanding of electrical engineering, built upon basic foundation of physical science, mathematics, computing and technology and to produce a new generation of Electronics and Communication Engineering Engineers to meet the future challenges.

The objective of Electrical and Electronics Department is to equip students with skills in the field of Electrical and Electrical engineering that is concerned with generation, transmission, distribution, control and utilization of electrical engergy.

Course offered

Spoken English Training for students
Personality development and soft skills traini9ng
PLC and SCADA training course
Computer hardware and networking course
MATLAB training programme


Facilities & Infrastructure


VLSI Design centre
Embedded systems
Communication systems
signal processing


PIC16F877A demo boards
DSP-in-VLSI Trainer kits (Xilinx FPGA-SPARTAN)
4. DSPIC 16 bit Microcontroller kits
AVR Microcontroller Boards
DSP Starter Kit TMS 320C6713
Fiber Optic Link with CCD Cemera Monitor & Fiber optic Link
DISH Antenna

staff details - ece
Mr. K Arulanantham M.E.,
Sr. Lect. and Lecturer
Mr. P. Rajesh M.E., - Sr. Lect.
Mr. D. Gunasekaran DECE
Mr. P. Samuel Raj B.E.,
Mr. A. Sivakumar B.E.,
Mrs. H. Anu B.E.,

Lab Assistant