Basic Engineering at our P.S.B. Polytechnic College provides a high quality program for Beginning Engineers with the application of science and math’s to solve problems and introduction to various fields of Engineering studies. It acts as an entry point to get grounded to the fundamentals of   Engineering. We at P.S.B. College work with a teaming approach to continually hone students interpersonal skills, creative ability and problem solving techniques based upon Engineering concepts. Basic Engineering Department at our P.S.B. Polytechnic College was started in the year 1996 with 100 students in Mechanical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering .Later in the year 2004 Electronics and Communication and in the year 2009 Civil Engineering was introduced. Now the strength is elevated to 1300 students with six major departments.


  • Basic Engineering at our P.S.B. Polytechnic College expose students to design process , research, analysis , team work, communication methods for standard Engineering. Students also learn about excellent project management skills, a creative flair and design ability.

  • Basic Engineering helps students by involving themselves in a continuous learning process to adapt to the change in the society.

  • We at P.S.B. Polytechnic College aim to familiarize students with different engineering disciplines, design, process, projects, work in teams and ethics.

  • We equip them with techniques, skills, professional behavior, coordinated training, strategies and tools.


Basic Engineering has wide scope and demand for Engineering in different fields  both in India and abroad. They are offered  strong, comfortable ,innovative foundation for successful career.  Many opportunities are broadly open in private and public sectors. Every branch has new store for its aspirants.

The Fundamental subjects offered in Basic Engineering are –

  • Communication English.

  • Engineering Mathematics.

  • Engineering

  • Engineering Chemistry.

  • Engineering Graphics.

Different Branches offered in our P.S.B. Polytechnic College – 

Basic Engineering helps in application of social,  economic, scientific, and  practical knowledge in order to invent, design , build, improve and maintain structures in devices. We offer  – 

  • Civil Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Auto Mobile Engineering

  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering

  • Computer Engineering

Facilities offered in Basic Engineering at our P.S.B. Polytechnic College

Physics Lab

An integral part of physics experiments are carried out in our well equipped physics lab.

Chemistry Lab

Our Chemistry Lab is well equipped, spacious with proper storage, handling and disposal requirements .


Our Workshops are amazing learning place which provide students opportunities to implement their theoretical knowledge.


To produce skilled, self reliant, technologically enhanced professions. Who would become responsible citizens.


Overall Mission of P.S.B. pertains to give good engineering graduates, who would help in socio- economic development of the country, excelling in promotion of safe and sustainable technology with ethical values.

Faculties in Basic Engineering at our P.S.B. Polytechnic College

The faculties of our college are specific Lecturers, Senior Lecturers and Instructors are highly knowledgeable, assessable with duty obligation, from different educational disciplines. Our faculties guide students and give constructive feedback.

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